Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Painting A Wicker Rug

Finding things to match your decor can sometimes be difficult. I love the look of wicker in my home and it goes so nicely in every room. It blends well with different styles of furniture and adds a warm, rustic feeling. What if it doesn't match or is damaged? That's no problem because it can easily be repaired and painted. I have always found that spray painting wicker is the easiest way to freshen it up or change the look completely.

I found these two small wicker rugs in a store for $3.00 each. In order to make them into what I wanted, I hand painted them with acrylic paints. I've done this before and it works very well. By the way: neatness here does not count because you are painting over a very bumpy surface.

I set the rug up on a table and painted plain stripes with colors that would coordinate with my porch.

Here is the second rug. This is going on my tabletop. I drew out a random flower using a Sharpie marker and painted it with the acrylics.

It's all finished now, put together and on the screened in porch. The top rug has a piece of tempered glass on it that actually came with the set when I purchased it. The interesting part of the story is that I bought this set in Fortunoff's over 30 years ago. Completely made of fiberglass it will live a longer life then me! Every two years I re-apply spray paint and it looks like new. I paid a little over $400.00 dollars for it back then (pretty expensive in those days), but it has held up over the years so well. The old saying "you get what you pay for," is so true in this case.

*they say that you should occasionally spray wicker with water in the hot weather. This prevents it from drying out and cracking.

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  1. Beautiful! The first rug coordinates with the wrought iron frame you modged podge'd from the other day, doesn't it? Really nicely done!

    Question for you: Do you think that a painted rug could somehow be sealed for outdoor use?