Monday, December 3, 2007

Thrift Store Makeovers

Thrift Store Makeovers..........

The king size headboard above was purchased at the Goodwill for $5.00!!! It isn't solid brass or anything that was originally a lot of money, but it was in great condition and impossible to pass up. When I first took a look at it I noticed that one of the two ceramic balls on the top was cracked. Since I didn't like them to begin with, I decided to Modge Podge some colored tissue onto them, this changed the color to better match the room and repaired the crack that was in one of them.
  • To cover the two ceramic balls I cut many 1"x 1" pieces of tissue (wrapping paper tissue)
  • Applied the Modge Podge (Glossy coat) to the the ceramic ball with a paint brush
  • Then I applied Modge Podge over the tissue

Modge Podge is a great product to use for covering items that are damaged. It adheres to almost anything. It also comes in several finishes including glossy, satin, sparkle and hardcoat. I've used it on wood, glass and plastic. To find out more visit their site at:

This was a great find for a spare bedroom that needed a headboard.

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  1. That is really a lovely headboard! I love your solution to both fixing the crack and making it fit in better with the room.

    I'm familiar with modge-podge but really never though of it in terms of repair. Great idea!