Thursday, December 20, 2007

Matching Fabric To Your Rooms..........

Matching The Bathroom......

Every time I decorate a room the most difficult part is to match up the fabric. The stores have a limited selection of items that will eventually tie the room together. Things like pillows, curtains and linens are basically what I'm referring to and I really don't love what I see out there.

I've figured it out now....but it has taken a few years. I just make most of the stuff I need myself. Basic sewing skills and a decent sewing machine is all that's needed. Thank you mom, for teaching me how to sew!

Fabric stores have such an extensive selection of designs to choose from and I can find just about anything that is needed to coordinate a room, but I have to make it myself.

Animals prints have been popular for years and I really enjoy using them. The bathroom above needed an animal print shower curtain. Believe it or not, at the time it was impossible to find in any retail store. Buying the fabric and sewing it up-no problem. It's easy enough for a sewing novice to put together. One large square, hem the sides, hem the top for the shower pole and a hem on the bottom. The valance is made the same way with trim added for an extra touch.

If you truly want your room to have a special touch, making your own curtains will pull it all together and make it your own. I know that I've saved my family thousands of dollars over the years by making my own curtains, pillows and accessories. Trust me-they are easy to put together.

I do look around in the retail stores at curtains but I'm always somewhat shocked by the prices and surprised that only "one" panel comes in a package. Who puts up one panel?

Notice in the top photo the little wicker shelf over the toilet? It was a thrift store find (cost $5.00) that was originally a floor shelf. The feet were cut off and it became a wall shelf. Cute for 5 bucks!

Here is another example of a "home made" shower curtain also with the animal print motif. Take notice of the pole that these curtains hang from. It is a plain wood dowel with twine glued onto it. The curtains obviously do not move over the twine. This was done just for the affect.

The border in this bathroom was useful in two ways: as a wallpaper border and a picture.

As an added creative idea I cut out one piece of the wallpaper and put it into a frame. This hangs in another room (otherwise, too many elephants in one place).

If you can't find what you want out there, consider making it yourself. You will save money and definitely get exactly what you want.01 02 03
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  1. Hi Christy,

    I can totally relate to this post because I recently experienced "sticker shock" when I went to Calico Corners concerning having a very simple, pocket valance made for a narrow 24" window. I was quoted a minimum of $80 (for the labor, only)!

    Fortunately I have a friend in CA who gratiously offered to make it for me, but I was dumb-founded at the cost of labor for what appeared to be just a series of seams.

    After viewing bolt after bolt of beautiful, coordinated fabric I am determined in 2008 to learn to sew. I completely agree with what you posted about saving money and getting exactly what you want.

    You are inspiring me to meet this goal in 2008!


  2. O, I love animal prints! I decorated my bedroom and bathroom with animal print fabrics.


  3. These are some very helpful ideas. I am decoratingly challenged. I cannot create only mimic. I love the idea of placing the decorative shower curtain rod at a higher level. It seems as though it could add drama to a smaller bathroom. I am going to try and mimic that tip in my tiny master bath.

    This is my first visit to your blog and I am already hooked.

    Thanks again.