Monday, December 17, 2007

Product review...flameless candles

Candles for the window sill....battery operated, stays on for 6 hours and then turns off, no wires...........

Once and a while I like to include some product reviews. They can be very helpful when deciding if something is worth the money and if it really works. This is a review about flameless candles.

I love the look of candles in the windows at Christmas time, but I hate wires all over and really hate going around shutting them all off at the end of the day. Too many wires, too much work.........

Every season I am on the hunt for "the perfect candle". I 've already given up on buying one for every window in my house. I'll need too many and they'll cost to much.

One year I picked up a few battery operated candles. They lasted about one week and the batteries needed to be replaced. Who needs that!

The next year I purchased a few more to try. They were battery operated and supposedly flickered like a real candle. Yes, indeed they did flicker but the flame was Halloween orange, not exactly what I had in mind. It's a good thing I only bought one at a time in my pursuit to find the perfect candle.

This year, once again I stumbled across a battery operated, with a timer(goes on for 6 hours and then turns off), flickering candle. I found it in Linen's and Things and used my 20% coupon. It was a perfect size for a window sill, nicely made and does flicker like a candle with a yellow glow. You can see it pictured below. This candle is made by a company called Carlon.

This little candle turns on and off manually or shuts off after 6 hours. It sits on a little pewter-like base

The story of my life: I loved this candle so much I went back to buy more (with multiple coupons on hand). SOLD OUT! I have not found them anywhere that cheap, but you can bet I'll check back at Linens and Things for more.

I did however find a pair of flameless, taper candles made by the same company. Same concept and basically the same candle, just a taper in shape. I placed them on my fireplace and every night around 5Pm they magically go on and stay on until 11PM. I've had them going for three weeks and have not replaced the batteries!

The taper is pictured at the top of this post and to the left. I was surprised when I opened these tapers up that the bulbs are made out of soft rubber. That makes sense because if it falls-no break!

I am really enjoying these candles and so far they seem to be holding up very well.

I searched around and found a pretty comprehensive web site that carries this brand. I have no experience shopping with them but they do carry the brand that I got at Linen's and Things. If you want to look: check out

Which brings me to the next subject. Last year I bought two of these wall sconces in a Thrift Store. Total cost: $6.00 for both. They were painted mustard gold. I brought them home and repainted them with colors that would match the room where I was going to place them. I used acrylic paint and then sealed them with clear polyurethane spray.

I have a candle in each but I'm not brave enough to light those candles up, it's just too close to the wall and I don't feel comfortable leaving them unattended. While I was looking around the Internet researching the flameless candles I realized they make them for this very purpose. All widths and sizes are available, so I'll just replace the real candles with the flameless ones.

You better believe I'm ordering two for my sconces. How nice that I can now light them up and walk away. Safe, easy and convenient.

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