Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Man In the Moon

Sometimes you find something and think to yourself, what can I do with this?  What was it, what does it need and what was it meant to be?  I call this vision.  Looking at a piece of junk and having the vision to repurpose it.

I found this candle holder in a thrift store and decided to make it new and different looking.  It was made out of brass and was hollow in the center. I'm not sure what was in the center to begin with, but a piece of colored glass would fill it in nicely.  Also, the candle holder (which is behind the piece) would light up the glass.

I sprayed the brass piece with some Rustoleum Hand hammered antique brass spray paint.
 Painted some yellow dots on the moon (IDK, it just looked like it needed some whimsy.

 Clear coated the entire piece to protect the paint and it's all finished!
Looks really cute with a candle behind it.

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