Friday, March 9, 2012

Easy Furniture Refinishing

I've done plenty of pieces of furniture, in many different ways. Strip, sand, stain and seal. Sand, paint and glaze. Sand and paint....etc. Faux finishes, painted finishes, stencils and more. But some people don't have the time or the head to go through the steps or the additional work. And let's face it, who wants to sand anyway???

My friend recently wanted to refinish her kitchen set. It was solid wood with a light oak finish. She picked up this product made by Rustoleum and decided to give it a try. It's a complete kit with everything you need to complete you project. I have to say -the results were astonishing. No sanding involved!! Wow. Now that's easy. Below is the product. It cost her about 80 bucks. It comes in all different colors and finishes. It also gives you a choice of opaque or solid.
I just wish I could have gotten the picture of the "before". Just remember, it was a light oak color. As per my friend, she had to clean the furniture with something that was included in the packaging. Apply the finish and then apply a sealer (all included in the kit). If your finish is "opaque" then you apply a glaze. Her finish was solid, so applying glaze was skipped. Here is a photograph of the kitchen set all finished.

Another view.

She selected a black color and the photograph shows the wonderful results she got. My question to her was, "how does it hold up?". The answer was "great". So far, it's held up very nicely. No chips or undercoat showing through and she did this 8 months ago. FYI-she has three kids!! That should tell you something about durability.

She did another project using the same product on two tables in her living room. In this case she picked a brown color. Below-the results. This was also a "solid" color.

What I love about this product.

No sanding.
A variety of colors to choose from.
Not really that expensive for what you get.

If you would like to view some more information on Rustoleum's product, check this out. The actual product name is Cabinet Transformations.
I'm toying with the idea of using this product in my office on build in cabinets that are currently white. Maybe..........


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  3. What a great alternative for those without the time, or perhaps the skills, to sand down the furniture. Those pieces look professional and elegant as well. I imagine most people are deterred from these types of furniture out of fear they will look fake, or cheesy, which is not the case with these. Any chance you know the prices of the other tables for the sake of comparing?

    Great post. Those look great.


    1. Ryan,
      You are right, this was a great alternative and much less work. The end result looks great.
      Not sure, though, about the prices of the other tables.