Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fixing and touching up Goodwill paintings

I don't usually look around too much at paintings and prints at the thrift store. Lately though, I've been taking a second look. A few months ago I found a great print (future post) and a few weeks ago an acrylic painting. Actually, my thrift store-partner in crime found it. I had passed it up and she came right behind me and placed it into her basket. She asked, "can you fix this for me".
Taking a good look at it, I noticed several scratches and some general "wear" issues, nothing that can't be fixed with some paint!

I took it home with me and got to work. The truth is, it sat around for a few months before I got to it, but I'd like everyone to think I'm on top of these things.........not really...

The trick was to match up the colors and touch up the scratches. It didn't take long and it cost next to nothing. Now I have a better appreciation of "paintings" and "prints" in the thrift store. I look more closely now. They can be fixed!

Here it is all touched up. It's now hanging in my friends bedroom.

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  1. This painting is beautiful, and what a great thing that you were able to restore it. Now that's crafty ;) I bet it looks great on your friend's bedroom. I love to add colorful paintings to add color to my rooms. Thanks for sharing, I will keep an eye out for these hidden treasures and see if I can make it work too!

  2. That is a beautiful painting. I trash picked a painting a month or two ago and need to restore some of the scratches on it. I hope I do as well as you, but I'm not an artist, so my fixes will probably show badly. Yours looks great.

  3. Marti,
    You'll do fine. It's all about blending the colors to get then exactly the colors that you are touching up. Use a light touch!!
    Good luck

  4. I cannot believe you found this in a thrift store. I, like you, need to give things a better look. It looks great and you would never know the difference.

  5. I sure did get this at a thrift store!!! Great find, for sure.

  6. I ALWAYS look at the prints and paintings. Lotsa junk, but now and then I find really great treasures! I love old religious prints, so am always on the lookout for them, but I have old tinted photos, well done paintings (I look for nautical mostly for a beach house) and other beautiful wall art that has cost next to nothing! My most recent exciting find was a vintage print of "Shepherds Call" (also called "Found") It's from a painting done around 1900 that was very popular in America during the depression and world wars. It's a collie/sheep dog and a little lamb in the snow, the collie supposedly just finding the lost lamb, and has his head back to let out a howl. The colors are muted and soothing, and the symbolism depends on the viewer, some see it as heroism, and some see it as religious, Jesus bring the lost back into the fold. I have always loved it, and figured I would buy it new someday (its still in print)...then I was halfway thru a pile of bad bad art work, and there it was, in a great folk art style vintage wood frame, for around $5!! Definitely one of my better finds.
    Here is another print of this painting for sale on ebay:

  7. beautiful painting, very suitable for display on a wall in the house

  8. That's so beautiful touching you do. I get another idea to beautify my room too.