Tuesday, April 6, 2010

El Cheapo Cacti

Everyone makes mistakes, right? I walked into a large box store (not going to mention the name) and the sign under the cactus said, "cactus $1.00". Well, to me that means all the cactus are a buck, right?

That really wasn't what they meant. They actually were discounting all the broken and dying cactus, not the entire shelf. But isn't that "false advertising?". My question exactly! So they landed up selling me any cactus I wanted for a buck. Since I love the plants, I bought 20 of them. Oh yes, they will fill my entire window sill or several of them. I love cactus for several reasons. They are hard to kill and require very little maintenance. Although, not the easiest of plants to transplant into pots, it is doable-you just have to wear heavy duty gardening gloves.

Such a deal allowed me to buy some clay for planting. I painted all of them with acrylics and sealed them with a clear gloss spray. I'm not sure if you are suppose to seal clay pots, but they looked so much better and I wanted to preserve the painting. Clay pots are so much fun to decorate. I've done mosaics on them, mod podged them and hand painted them. They always come out looking great, and lets face it, clay pots are pretty cheap. Decorated by hand they can make great, inexpensive gifts. You can find some great tips on taking care of your cactus here. Scroll down for the info.

I looked for some common and unusual primitive designs to copy onto my pots and this is how they came out.

I'm not sure what all of these symbols mean, by the way, but I liked the way they looked.

I only painted a few of these pots for now. I did purchase 20 cactus!! It's a big job.

and more......

Here are a few of them that are completed and up on the window sill.

6 down, 14 to go!

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