Friday, June 13, 2008

Today's Thrift Store Finds


Another hot day in Atlanta! Too hot to go out and too hot to stay in. All the more reason to visit the local thrift store for some bargains and new projects. The beautiful vase above, which certainly fits into my decor, was only six bucks! Not a chip, scratch or flaw on it.


This custom framed print with three layers of matte board was only $12.00. The frame has a few nicks and scratches so I'll have to do some work on it. It's just a matter of sanding it a little and then giving it a coat of paint. This sweet little print has three bears with hats that say "Harrods". If you have ever been fortunate enough to take a trip to London, you know that Harrods is a huge department store which happens to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. It has 7 floors, 300 departments, 20 restaurants and bars and averages 35,000 shoppers per day. A very busy place! I love this print and really appreciate the fact that I got it so cheaply. It's signed by the artist, Elspeth McCreadie, but I'm not able to find any information on her. If anyone has ever heard of her, please let me know. It saddens me that people throw these things away, but I'm happy to give it a new home.


Four little ramekins in stellar condition. A perfect addition to the table when serving up some Mexican food.


My favorite find for the day is this chair. It swivels and reclines and will go great in my son's living area. I'm going to sand this, paint it brown and cover the pillow with a funky animal print. Wait to you see it all done.

I'm adding the frame and chair to the long list of projects I currently have going. Hopefully I'll be able to muster up the ambition to complete them!

I really believe I could decorate an entire house with thrift store finds.

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