Saturday, October 27, 2007

Faux finishing an entertainment unit....

Alex from Georgia writes :

How did you faux finish the entertainment unit? Also, I notice that you have a lot of hand painting on your things. Do you do that yourself?~Alex

Dear Alex:

This unit you are referring to is pictured below:

This unit was originally stark white. I very lightly sanded it to begin with. This roughs up the finish and allows the new paint to grab it. I applied one coat of a bonding primer and let it dry for one day. I then applied a white latex enamel paint. Before that paint had a chance to dry I blended in a medium brown paint with a brush. The two colors blended together to give this effect. I did one section at a time so the white paint wouldn't dry before I could do the blending.

As far as the hand painting goes, I do all of it myself. If you aren't a good painter, stencils can really help. I have used them myself in the past and they work very well.

Thanks Alex for your question.01 02 03
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