Thursday, October 25, 2007

What tool should I buy my wife?

Nick from New York wants to buy a tool for his wife for Christmas. He wants me to recommend something. Well, Nick I can tell you that the best tool I have is the Dremel. This tool is a high speed rotary tool that is versatile, light weight and inexpensive. It can cut, drill, grind, polish, rout, sand, etch and clean.

You can use it on ceramic, stone, leather, wood, drywall, metal and laminates. It has plenty of other uses as well. It comes cordless for those times that you can't be attached to a plug and also corded when you need a little more power.
Comes with plenty of attachments.

The Dremel comes with plenty of accessories that allow you to be creative.

Great for removing rust and sanding hard to reach places.
Polishing is not a problem in hard to reach places.
One great use is putting the cordless Dremel on low to trim down and smooth out your dog's nails.

So Nick............get your wife a Dremel. Great for crafts, home improvement and assortment of other projects. Make sure you buy some jewelry as well! Thanks for the question.

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  1. Christy,

    I'm in the process of some fall cleaning in the yard. Anything useful among the various debris?