Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sink Jewelry

Bathrooms need updating, correct?  But who has the money to replace all of the fixtures, cabinets and floors? So the question becomes: how do you update, improve and bring up the value of your bathrooms?  There are at least a few things you can do that won't cost you tons of money.

1. Painting is cheap and easy.  It can give you a new look, a fresh feel and make it look new again.
2. The cabinets can be painted, stained or faux finished.  New handles can help update those old, tired cabinets.  Since you won't need many handles, it doesn't cost lots of money.
3. New curtains, rugs and towel fixtures can help as well.

I have posted plenty of tips on all these ideas in the past so you can always scan through the archives and check things out.  A while ago I took a good look at my bathroom on the main floor.  It had recently been painted and I had refinished all the cabinets and the floor was still in good shape, but it needed something.  Perhaps a new faucet?  Yes, indeed, that is what it needed.  The old one was a cheap, contractor grade faucet.  I enlisted some help from my brother in law and picked out a new one at Home Depot.  I've had him help me before replacing faucets, and I must admit that I'm getting better at it by watching and helping.  Actually I have found that taking out the original is hardest part!

This is what I replaced it with.     It kind of reminds me of an old time water pump.  I love the look and especially the dark bronze finish.

But, it needed something else.  Maybe some artwork? Sink jewelry?


So I decided to add some art.  Specifically mosaic art.  I looked around the Internet and found these leaf shaped tile.  I placed them around the sink in a design that looks good to me.

 Next, I glued them on using Weldbond glue. In the past, I have mentioned this glue.  It is the very best for mosaics and other tough jobs.  Goes on white but dries clear.  Below is a closer look of the mosaic leafs.

Here is a shot of the completed sink.  I know what you may be it hard to clean?  No, it really isn't.  I use a large soft brush and wipe.  No problem.

I feel like the bathroom is truly updated now.  Painted walls, cabinets, a wood frame around the plain mirror, new faucet and some sink jewelry. People who visit always comment on the design, like they've never seen anything like......maybe they haven't.

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  1. This looks gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it, but it also gives it a classy look. And those colors are totally me. I wonder though, does it make it harder to keep clean???

    Very lovely, thanks for sharing.

  2. Shirley-Thanks so much. Cleaning it is no problem. I use a large, soft brush with long bristles. I swipe this over the mosaic and rinse. Works great!

  3. The color of your new faucet is quite noble, Christy. Not to mention the jewelry artwork on both sides of the faucet - they certainly look beautiful and add life to your sink. :)

    Allan Willcox