Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Dog Is King

Our dog, Elway (named after the Denver Bronco's old quarterback) has been with us for 13 years. He is the King! Shouldn't the king have a great dog bed? Don't ya think? The other day I walked past his bed, looked down and realized he needed a new one. How could I let the king sleep in such a pathetic crib and plus, it doesn't even match "my" bedroom. Ugh.........

Off to the fabric store I go, realizing I have an large, old pillow at home I can take apart and reuse the stuffing. That will save me some money on this project.

I picked this fabric because it's cute and feels unbelievably soft. If it's good enough for me, I'm sure the dog will love it.

This is pretty easy. Cut out a large (he's a big dog) square, sew it up with the right sides together, leave an opening for stuffing, pull the fabric back to the right side and stuff it up.

I decided at the end to tie ribbon around the corners. Do ya think Elway will notice?

Lets see if he like it?

Yeah, he likes it. I have some extra fabric so I'm going to make him a matching pillow. Believe it or not, he likes pillows.

I priced out some large dog pillows recently and they can be pretty expensive. I found some last week that cost over $40.00. I paid $8.00 for the fabric and nothing for the stuffing. A good deal, a good bed, a happy dog and it now matches my room (a little).

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