Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Thrift Store Finds

I was in the mood for a thrift store trip the other day. Look what I found and you'll see what I do with all of it in the next few weeks.

Cute little pumpkin mosaic-.99 cents

Can work as a candle if you take the lid off or just a little home for small items.

A home for garlic-.99 cents. This I didn't need but the challenge of hand painting it was too tempting, so I took it home. I'll paint it and use it to store garlic in. Cute....

A brass base for one of my effusion lamp-.99 cents. I've seen these sold on the Internet for a lot more money than this one cost me. You don't need them, but they look nice.

This item was one of my favorites. It is made completely out of wire and joined with solder. Definitely hand made and certainly unusual. Needs some cleaning. Cost-3 bucks.

I just needed a clock and this fits the bill. 3 bucks. It's going into my shop. Perfect. Install battery, clean it up and hang it. It's that simple.

OK, so here is the best find of the day, but it will create some work for me. I really need a television stand. I've been looking around because the one I have now is a piece of junk. I'm pretty sure you think the one below is junk too, but don't be so sure. I've already started working on it. It really is the perfect size and the cabinet doors are a real plus for me. I have big plans for this one. I will post the before and after shortly. I'm anxious to place it into the room. FYI-it does have shelves in the center but they are not shown in the photo. I had already taken them out when the photo was taken.
Thrift stores can offer some great deals. Sometimes the items just need a simple cleaning and sometimes they need work. I got a bit of both this time around.

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  1. Love the mosaic pumpkin! I certainly don't think that the TV stand looks like junk. I can't wait to see what you do with it!


  2. wow, what a hot deals, i really started work on it,i want immidiately for my home.

  3. Thrift stores offer such great finds when you know what to look for. I can't wait to see how the tv stand turns out!

  4. I love to shop so thrift shopping is wonderful for me....I spend under 20.00 a week and always have something new at home. I also tend to give away alot to friends and family.

  5. I have furnished an entire 1 bedroom studio for less than $450.00 using thrift shop items and don't think of any of your scores as junk. Just bought a new full sized headboard for a mere $2.00 and after a coat of colbalt blue paint and some distressing it will really jazz up the bedroom. Good luck on painting the garlic pot.

  6. That is great!!! I've always wanted to do an entire house in thrift store finds, but it would take a lot of time to get that done. Good for you!