Monday, September 14, 2009

Stained Glass

I'm keeping busy these days working on some stained glass.

Stained glass isn't exactly "thrifty" unless you do it yourself and even that, isn't exactly cheap. It's a hobby I took up a long time ago and eventually turned it into a small at- home business. Thought you may like to see some pictures of some recent work.

Above is a piece that I finished a while ago for over a door in my kitchen.

The piece above is five separate panels that I placed above a french door. Not the greatest of photos. Looks much better in person. I just finished this last week.

I made five of these for my kitchen cabinets. Here is a photo of two of them. These cabinets actually had solid wood panels that I removed using a saw and router. This is a simple design that doesn't make the kitchen too busy. The frosted glass helps to hide all the items that are stored in the cabinets.

Below are four cabinets I just finished for a customer who has just put in a new kitchen. They will have lights behind them when they are finally hung.

Busy , busy................

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  1. first time here, your stained glasswork is beautiful, i think you have a great eye for it, not gaudy, classic!!!