Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How About a Built In Window Seat?

How About A Window Box?

So I have an area in my daughter's room in front of a large window that would be great for a window box, but how do I do that?  Well, I think building a large box would do it, so that's what I did.  I measured out the area and figured out exactly what height and length I needed.  One problem hits me almost right away.  The room is wall to wall carpet.  Do I cut the rug out and build the box on top or leave the rug and build the box over it?  I'm leaving the rug there because it's easier-plain and simple.

I have also decided to be practical. My window seat will have storage in it.  That just makes
 sense!  This space, in front of the window is not really functional either.  It's too small for a bed so creating a "space" where you can sit and read, and enjoy the scenery makes more sense.

I 've decide to use 2 X 4's to make a simple frame (including a center support for weight), cover the front with bead board, install plywood on the top and add a piano hinge for my opening.

The frame went up in no time.  I actually carried my trim saw upstairs to make all my cuts so I wasn't running up and down for every board.  The important part for me was making sure the seat was level, which it was.

Above is a not-so-great picture so you get the idea.  Unfortunately, the glare from the window didn't give me the best photograph.

The front of the window seat is bead board which was simply nailed onto the 2 X 4's.  The top opening is fitted with a piano hinge (available at Home Depot), so it opens and closes easily. The piano hinge works well here because it is very long.
 There is plenty of space in that seat for storing stuff.  The entire
 seat was painted with high gloss white.  I added floor trim to the base to blend in with the rest of the trim that surrounds the room.  I've since purchased a long piece of foam rubber that I will cover with fabric so the seat is comfortable.

The seat is all done, but not really.  I've decided to build a small library all around the box and window.  I started that several weeks ago (it was a big project) and it is almost done.  I'll post that next.
This may seem like a complicated project but it was actually very simple.  Thinking it out, measuring accurately and being creative gets the job done.

Some of my tips:
  • counter sink nails and screws so you can put in some wood putty for a smooth finished surface.
  • Use liquid nails to install plywood and bead board-but always use small nails too so it holds together
  • Trim hides everything and also gives a finished look
  • Caulk, caulk and caulk.  Placing caulk where the wood meets gives a nice finished look when it's all painted
  • Always think out the project and take measurements twice

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  1. Wow! I love it. You are so talented. All my windows are high. I have always liked window seats. Great job!