Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Decorating "After" The Holidays

So now the holidays are over, decorations are packed away, the lights are out and the magic is over.  Oh......and the diet begins. Christmas is a lot of work which includes all the shopping, cooking, decorating, cleaning, mailing and packing. For all our hard work it seems that people really do appreciated the work involved and what goes into it.

There's just one thing. I really love taking the decorations down and returning the house back to it's original condition but I miss the lights and I miss the tree.  

Last year I purchased a small tree after Christmas that I could keep up and decorate for other occasions.  I like the look of hand crafted ornaments but of course, they take time to create.  Last year I managed to make a bunch of Mardi Gras ornaments and this year I've finished ornaments for Valentines Day.

Here is my little tree all done up for V-day. Most of the ornaments are hand painted and made of wood.  All of the wood hearts cost 50 cents each.  It was fun creating several unique hearts painted in pink, red and white.  
Using acrylic paints, sparkles, glue and clear spray for the finished product,  I managed to put 25 of them together, the rest I picked up in various stores.  
A great project for some creative kids (Ok, mine want nothing to do with it) and a reason to keep the lights on after Christmas.

 This helps me get through the Christmas withdrawals.

There certainly may be some shamrocks in the future.
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  1. I love the Valentine tree. I have been thinkinig of doing that too because the house seems so sad and bare after Christmas is put away. I'm not a good painter though -- I don't think my hearts would look as good as yours do

  2. I left an artificial tree up in our bedroom one year. Hearts were followed by easter bunnies and eggs, small US flags from memorial day and 4th of July, Silk flowers for late summer, Fall leaves and acorns, pumpkins and jackolanterns, then back to Christmas. My husband wanted to keep it up, but by then it was so dusty, I needed to strip it and give it a good "shower". If we do it again, I would go for a smaller tree than the 6foot one we used.