Monday, July 7, 2008

Decorative Thermometer Covers

Just another way to make certain objects in your home match your decor. This was an idea I found years ago in a Stained Glass magazine. A thermometer cover that you can make to cover an inexpensive thermometer. I made this one and keep it outside on the screened in porch.

This cover shows the various weather elements including the sun, snowflakes, icicles, thunder bolts and clouds. Years ago I put several of these on Ebay and did pretty well with them. People really seem to like them because they are fun and unique.

I understand that not everyone can do stained glass, but it occurred to me that these could be done very easily using thin hobby wood. Here is what you would need:

  • A piece of hobby wood large enough to frame the thermometer (can be found at Home Depot or Lowe's, sometimes in the craft stores and any hardware store that carries lumber.
  • A cheap thermometer. I've find these for around $1.50 or so in discount stores.
  • A drill.
  • glue
  • a hook and chain to hang
  • A piece of sandpaper
  • A saw for cutting an opening. I suggest a jigsaw (easy to use and very flexable).

Here is how to construct your thermometer frame.

  • Cut your hobby wood large enough so it frames the thermometer. It really could be any size but you can get a good idea by viewing the photograph at the top of the page.
  • Center the thermometer onto the wood and trace it out. You should now be looking at the long drawn out rectangle. Drill one hole in each corner.
  • Use you saw and start cutting the rectangle out beginning in the first drilled hole and continuing until you have completely cut it out.
  • You will mount the thermometer on the BACK of the frame. Glue will work fine to fasten it to the back of the frame.
  • Sand lightly. Be creative! ....maybe rounding or angling the corners.
  • Attach a hook on the back for hanging.

Now the fun starts. Use your imagination and decoupage with paper or tissue, hand paint, glue seashells on it, glue beads on it, spray glue and cover with fabric. You can make these covers to coordinate in any room.

This happens to be a great craft for teenagers as well. Although they may not appreciate the thermometer, they sure will have fun making them. I currently have four, very bored teens at home for the summer. I have planned out the photo CD coasters project for them to do and I'm now adding this. When they are all done you will be the first to see them.

Sounds like fun!

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  1. Really cute thermometer. Looks perfect for a porch!