Thursday, April 24, 2014

 Customized Knobs

I just purchased a dresser for my son's room from IKEA.  Have you ever put an IKEA item together?  Wow.  Lots of screws, nut, bolts and of coarse, the little stick figure guy that shows up in the instructions.  It's a big job, for sure.  I'm happy to report though, I successfully put two of these dressers together.  
These dressers are plain, sanded and unfinished.  I painted them to match his headboard.  Both dressers come with wood knobs.  I was looking for something with a little more character. I searched on Pinterest for things that could be done with knobs and found this.
Great idea and comes out great.

Ceramic knobs (bought mine in Home Depot < than $2.00 each
One or more Sharpie Markers, any color
Your oven

Simple to do:

 Just paint each knob with your sharpie marker.  I started in the middle and colored my way outward.  Little strokes work great giving you final piece more of a jewel finish.
Let them dry and bake them in the oven.  I did it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  You won't believe how nice they look when finished.  This technique gives you the ability to customize your knobs any color you want.  I picked brown for my use, but the ones I saw on Pinterest were turquoise and they looked fabulous.
Pick the color you are sure of.  Once the marker hits the knob-it's permanent!  No turning back.
What a great idea-too bad I didn't think it up myself.....
Here is the finished dresser.  You can't appreciate the knobs so much, but I'm sure you can see how nicely they now match.  Much better than the plain wood ones. 

Just baked!
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  1. Good to see you back posting. I've always found your topics to be interesting and helpful. You have spurred a little creativity on my part, too. :-)

    One question about these knobs. The finished product has the look of marble (very pretty!!) and was wondering if the design is baked into it, or if the oven heat "melts" the markings creating that effect?

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  2. Marilyn-Nice to see you again!! Whatever you paint (the direction) of the marker is what you will see in the end. The oven just bakes the design in. What you do with the marker is what it will look like in the end. And you are right-the do look like marble when finished. I basically colored in a "star" direction, using short strokes with the marker. It gives it more of a natural look. It's very cool!

  3. Beautiful vintage looking knob! Thank you for sharing! Hope I can find one like this. -Patrick Tan

  4. Hi Christy
    I discovered your blog while looking for a Lampe Berger diy - great stuff! thank you. I have also visited some of your newer posts and they're terrific. I look forward to your next adventure.